Harry Potter Sixth Movie pushed from November to July release

What are they playing at?  Whatever the excuse they have;  it’s not good enough.  I feel so frustrated as do most Potter fans so I’m taking this opportunity to promote these Potter “cover-fiction” stories.  I say cover-fiction because thats just what it is.  Definition: Cover version n. A recording of a song that was previously recorded or made popular by another. Also called cover song.

The way a music artist sings a cover version of a song for fans, this writer has created and continued the story of Harry Potter’s children.  Fan-fiction I think not.

Best thing yet “IT’S FREE”

So, if you want a fix? You got it! The story continues at http://www.elderscrossing.com/

Check out Book 1at http://www.elderscrossing.com/,  Book 2 (which comes out Sept 1, 2008 ) at http://www.gatekeeperscurse.com/, or Our forum  http://grottokeep.8.forumer.com/index.php where we have loads of fun talking about all sorts of HP stuff. 

Maybe it will help you wait

OR you can wait till the big “WB” gets off there

high horse.

(which won’t be any time soon)

LEGAL STUFF: James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing (the “Work”) is Harry Potter series (“Series”) fan fiction and was not created by Series author J.K. Rowling nor under her auspices. To the extent that trademarks of the Series (the “Proprietary Rights”) are used in the Work, such use is incidental and not for purposes of source indication. Any such trademarks are and remain property of Ms. Rowling and her assigns. The author hereby disclaims any interest in said Proprietary Rights. The Work is © 2007 G. Norman Lippert.


~ by grottodiego on August 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “Harry Potter Sixth Movie pushed from November to July release”

  1. Your Weblog is great…hehehe…can u do me a favor??..pls add me on your blogroll?.. i just added u up…thnks again…peace..

  2. HeY Man! Read your comment In Harrypotter6.wordpress.com My blog.. and i agree with you.. Why we cant Wait???
    Just forget It.. i cant told anything about it because i cant wait to see the unlast movie of HP… But Im writting this just to reply you and for teel you that yours http://grottokeep.8.forumer.com/index.php Is awwesome!!!
    You Must know that anyone fan of HP iN THE world.. is done with WArner Bros.. they are really sucks….

  3. Potter Protest Day Myspace:

    So, today is the obviously the worst day of the summer for us Potter fans.
    Even worse than the wait for the HBP teaser trailer, which I have to say for me, was worth the wait !
    Today, is also the day the WB sunk lower than low.
    Today, Warner Brothers has basically called us a bunch of Idiots to our faces !!! They have basically said we are such stupid fangirls/fanboys that we will flock to a movie no matter when then decide to release it .
    They’ve said we’ll move HBP back to JULY,so our already billion dollar company can make even more money. And OH! This will work because you know those kids that love the series, the characters, the plot, and the author whole- heartdly will come no matter when its released !!!!

    (And Ive even heard from a friend, there doing this to make room for the Dark Knight so it can continue to earn the big bucks, through November and maybe earn more than Titanic, but thats just a rumor !)

    To me, this is UNFORGIVEABLE !!!!!!!!!!

    The movie is done, finished, post production has been completed as scheduled. Thats what makes this even more annoying… the movie is COMPLETELY done, yet their sitting on it for 9 months. They’re not editing it, fixing it, buffing it up, nothing. The movie they have now is the same thing we”ll be watching nearly a year from now. That is most disturbing part !!

    So because of blatant attempt by WB to make us look like fools,I purpose we as fans show the WB we are not pushovers and hit them where it hurts !!! The box office !!!!

    I will sign these petition floating around, even though we all know from years of experience this will go nowhere.

    So I say we dont see the movie !!! Before you turn a deaf ear!!! Please hear me out !!!!! Because I know all of us as Potter fans will still go and see the movie , but I purpose not one fan but a ticket for opening night of the movie !!!!!
    We Have, i believe 355 more days whats one more ???? That means no midnight releases and NO FRIDAY SHOWS AT ALL !!!!! Because if you think about it opening night is one of the most important nights of opening weekend !!! We would be proving a point to the WB that we, the fans and customer, should have a say in the movies !!!!

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