Message from G. N. Lippert

Greetings Readers,

Recently, I spoke to a representative from Warner Brothers about my upcoming story and the press coverage it is receiving. You will be happy to know that it was a very positive conversation, and that Warner Bros. as well as Ms. Rowling and her agency, are very friendly toward fan-fictions and fan-sites such as “James Potter and the Curse of the Gatekeeper”

I did discover, however, that despite what I understood from my conversations with Ms. Rowling’s agency, their accepted advance copy of my first story, “James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing”, was not shown to her. The offer had been made by me for Ms. Rowling’s perusal, and since the offer was accepted, I assumed that it had been passed on to her. I am certain, however, that there are legal reasons why it might be unwise for Ms. Rowling to view fan-fictions, and that her agency was only looking our for her. While I understand this care, I am, of course, a bit disappointed, if only because Ms. Rowling, more than anyone else, might best appreciate the story for what it is: a tribute and an homage. Nevetheless, you, the readers, recognize those things, and for that I am extremely gratified.

Many of you have asked if these stories will ever be available in book form, and the answer to that is, of course, “when George Weasley becomes Minister of Magic!” (which, for the Muggles in the audience, means “not a chance!”) Still, look on the bright side: at least you will never have to pay for these stories. They will always be free (although you may have to pay more for printer ink than you would the cost of the book if you’d rather not read 350 pages on your computer screen. Drat).

On a fun note, do check out the upcoming     

 fan-made film series based on “James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing”. This looks to be a very interesting and exciting retelling of the story through the eyes of some talented young film-makers from multiple countries.

LEGAL STUFF: James Potter and the Hall of Elders Crossing (the “Work”) is Harry Potter series (“Series”) fan fiction and was not created by Series author J.K. Rowling nor under her auspices. To the extent that trademarks of the Series (the “Proprietary Rights”) are used in the Work, such use is incidental and not for purposes of source indication. Any such trademarks are and remain property of Ms. Rowling and her assigns. The author hereby disclaims any interest in said Proprietary Rights. The Work is © 2007 G. Norman Lippert. 






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